“People see me as cute, but I’m so much more than that.” Ashley Tisdale

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about spell check and wanted a picture of a wether. I asked the Nigerian Dwarf Goat forum on Facebook for some pictures of their favorite wethers. The response was fabulous! I was offered so many adorable photos (and I have a soft spot for goats) I thought it would be cool to post them all as a separate post just for fun. 🙂

Akaya Lee

Akaya Lee’s “Dillinger”

Deanna England- Baca

Deanna England’s “Baca”

Brittiany Pitts

Photo Credit to Brittiany Pitts

Debbie Marie

Debbie Marie’s “Atticus”

Emilie Garcia

Emilie Garcia’s “Moose”


Photo Credit to HollyBurkeThornton

Jessica Huffman

Jessica Huffman’s “Minion”

Leah Norton

Photo Credit to Leah Norton

Meagen Hood Zimmerman

Photo Credit to Meagen Hood Zimmerman

Nicole Morris-Matus1

Nicole Morris-Matus’s “Prince”

Nicole Morris-Matus2

Nicole Morris-Matus’s “Prince”

Reyna Jensen

Photo Credit to Reyna Jensen

Sarah Lindgren-Akana

Photo Credit to Sarah Lindgren-Akana

Waggin Tales Farm

Waggin Tales Farm’s “Oliver” 

Wendy Fuhrmann Brandt 2

Wendy Fuhrmann Brandt’s “Remmy”

Wendy Fuhrmann Brandt

Photo Credit to Wendy Fuhrmann Brandt

Aren’t goats just the cutest things! Thanks again to everyone who posted pictures!


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